Prize Bond in Pakistan

Does everyone want to know what prize bonds are? 

You can call it investment or gambling, but it involves risk. There is a chance to become rapidly rich if you are lucky. And, it works based on luck, not any analysis or guess. Yes, these are lottery tickets offered by the country’s finance department.

After the lucky draw, there are numbers announced for winners. You can also convert your bonds into cash again without attending the attraction if you are not interested. The national prize bond is of a person having it in hand on the spot or time of withdrawal. Still, the premium is only for CNIC holders. And cash is also given through bank transfer to a person with CNIC use for its purchase.

In Pakistan they are bond of range 100-/RS 200-/RS 750-/RS 1,500-/RS 7,500-/RS 15,000-/RS 25,000-/RS 40,000-/RS.

 Why do people buy them? Did they benefit?

It is no limit to the bond. You can buy as much as a bond to increase the chance of winning. The more you believe, the higher the chance of winning, but it is a game of luck in the end.

There are no proper valid dates for prize bonds. It’s right until the termination of the scheme by government officials. There is no expiry date of the prize bond. You can claim your prize money if you win within six-year. This six-year time period is only for clamming prize money. After this, you can not claim your prize of winning.

Prize Bond Result

Each year about 24 lotteries. There is a chance of winning a maximum of six times a year because their numbering is from 1-10,00,000. It can also repeat the same number in a lucky draw. Their show results on the officials’ website of the state bank of Pakistan and results in the paper. Or They do random draw in front of local people you can also witness the result with eyes.

Prize Bond Schedule

They sell it in the specific period as scheduled. The state ban of Pakistan mentions the prize bond schedule. So working hours of working days of the week, Monday to Friday 09:00 AM-04:00 PM. There are about 24 draws result each year. They draw every second week, generally on the first working day of the month. And the mid of the month, like 15th December, they do this draw.

Prize Bond Guess Paper

So to mention that prize bond guess paper is not officially offered guess paper. These release it for a few groups in this investment market for a long time. And believe that the winner is from their guess paper which is their guess, not original values. It’s all up to your self-decision to follow these guess papers.

Prize Bond Pakistan

The Ministry of finance issues prize bond Pakistan to every city. So it is clear there is no chance of fraud if you buy them from official bank branches rather than illegal sellers. The original distributor is the official Pakistan bank.

But you can also get them from the national bank and national saving centers of Pakistan. There are two types of it National prize it and Premium prize bond guess paper. You have to get the bank’s forum available in both languages. After filling it, you submit it to the national bank and get your bond.

Overseas Pakistanis can also buy them from authorized dealers. And claim them online through websites that buy both Pakistani livings. And overseas Pakistanis, even filer or non-filler, have to pay their mentioned amount of tax, which is 15% for filler and 30% for non-filler.

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