Does Animal Healing Really Work? And is Reiki Healing the best Method?

When you think of an animal healing, you tend to think of someone who heals animals physically such ดูการ์ตูน as when they are sick and injured. But a true healer is someone who does more than just heals aches and pains. It is a spiritual person who heals everything from the body to the mind.

Animals are more than just our pets, they are our companions and when they are in pain, whether physical or emotional, we feel that pain simply because we love them. A healer taps into that pain and works with the animals, examining all of aspects of their overall wellbeing so that both you and your animal can enjoy a long and healthy life together. An animal healer works by listening to the pet and discovering what they are feeling and what their needs are. Using a spiritual connection to the pet as well as a form of therapy, an animal healer provides knowledge and solutions to your animals needs.

Animal healing is not just a modern day type of spirituality. In fact, animal healers have been around since the ancient time. Although now people can take an animal healer course workshop to learn the type of natural energy that goes into healing animals, it used that many people had this special gift without any teaching. These people intuitively understand the basic concept of animal healing which is using the universal energy that both people and animals feel to understand and work with the animals. This natural energy is something that everyone has but not everyone knows how to tap into it. It is this

natural energy that is used in Reiki and other spiritual therapies that deal with the ‘chi’ that we all have within us. An expert animal healer will combine that energy with ancient rituals such as acupuncture, vibration therapy, homeopathy and shiatsu just to name a few. By training themselves to channel the energy and then direct it towards the animals, the animal healer finds things that many people are not consciously aware of, such as physical pain or emotional feelings.

For those that can find that natural energy that has existed in us since the dawn of time, animal healing absolutely works. An animal healer is much like a therapist but to creatures and mammals rather than to humans. They do not always “cure” the animals; rather they figure out the problem and will work with them and their special needs to enrich their life and to understand what exactly is going on with the animal. It has been proven that an animal healer can resolve physical

problems, teach the owners about the emotional issues that an animal may face and to help the animal develop better strength, confidence and instincts. An animal healer simply taps into their own natural energy to not only find the spirit in the animal but to teach others how to respond to that spirit. Using intuitive communication with the animal they can spot ailments long before a veterinarian can, they can tell if the animal is in pain, or if the animal is lonely. They are not pet psychics though, they are simply those who can communicate with animals in a way that some people cannot to help owners find a lasting resolution to keeping the animal healthy both in the body and the mind.

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