Choosing The Right Sales Speaker For Your Performance Objectives

Considering hiring a top sales speaker for your next sales meeting or conference? Bringing in an outside authority can complement a sales manager’s own efforts in pursuit of improved performance and productivity. A sales speaker can help a sales force meet and exceed quotas and meet and exceed customer expectations. Sales speakers are not of the one-size-fits-all variety, though. To gain the maximum benefit from scheduling a sales speaker to address your sales force, you must understand a few things about sales speakers and about your sales force.

In general, there are two types of sales speakers: motivational sales speakers and educational sales speakers. (And contrary to some preconceived notions, educational sales speakers do not equate to boring sales speakers.)

Motivational sales speakers serve much the same purpose as motivational speakers in general, except their presentations are geared more specifically toward sales activities http://itsnews.co.uk/. A motivational sales speaker is typically engaged to generate an immediate response among presentation participants, boosting enthusiasm and energy while delivering relevant, practical content.

Educational sales speakers are also motivational, but rather than focus on attitude or emotion, they equip their audience with new skills or information which leaves sales professionals energized to put their newly acquired lessons into practice. Whereas motivation alone will fade over time and need to be renewed, education yields longer-lasting benefits.

There are a number of factors a sales manager must take into consideration to determine what type of sales speaker will generate the best results with his or her sales force. If morale is waning, then a motivational sales speaker who can re-ignite passion and purpose among the sales team may be the perfect solution to boost performance. It is important to determine the reason for the deficiency in morale, though, to determine what specific issues need to be addressed to remedy the situation.

If a sales manager determines that the sales force is lacking in the skills necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace, then a sales speaker who can impart wisdom and insights for practical application may be most beneficial. (This type of presentation alone may boost morale.) A speaker with particular expertise in a given industry may yield even more positive results.

Another important consideration in selecting a sales speaker is whether your sales force engages in consultative sales or transactional sales. Scheduling a speaker with expertise in transactional sales to address a sales force that engages in consultative sales could have extremely adverse effects, and vice-versa if scheduling a consultative authority for a transactional sales force.

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