Should You Really Buy An Email List or Build a List On Your Own?

When it comes to individuals building their own highly targeted email list, most people flat out get too lazy and frustrated so they quit. It also takes a little while to design a capture page, create follow-up messages, and you still have to drive traffic to your capture page to build your email list.

So that’s when people get these “brilliant ideas” in their heads to make their loads a little bit lighter and convince themselves that it is much easier to buy an email list! And, they tell themselves scraping google, “why should I waste my time building, when I can just buy some highly targeted leads?”

Let’s start off with these crazy outlandish claims (like you can “buy 500,000 highly targeted leads for $100”) hogwash. And why don’t you just throw your money and business down the drain while you’re at it! By buying and sending out emails with these prefabricated so-called lists, did you know that you could lose your domain, your ISP, your web host, your merchant account and everything else in your business. Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous spam producing businesses that scrape addresses from the internet and sell them over and over again to you. This activity is considered as spam, and it is not worth ruining your business.

A better possible method would be to use co-registration leads through a legitimate company or source. It is more favorable because those who sign up through one source such as a newsletter are asked if they would like to receive more information on other related subjects (so this is why it is called co-registration). This is how co-registration companies successfully build targeted opt-in email leads and then sells them to customers.

The only downside to method is most of the companies resell the same leads to other marketers, which sometimes results in the leads getting slammed with a ton of offers, which makes it virtually impossible for you to get noticed. If the person did not specifically request to be on your list and they do not know you, they may not be responsive to you, therefore it is always better to build your list on your own.

So here’s the deal: When you buy co-registration leads use it as a traffic generation method instead of a direct list-building method. If your decision is to use this method here are a few tips to help you along the way….

Do some investigation and make sure you are dealing with a company with a good reputation. Check to see if they are established, have a good track record, and great testimonials. Do a Google search for “the companies name, or domain” and the words “scam, review, or complaints” following it. No company is perfect, so also check to see if any past problems have been resolved.

When screening possible tenants take a few minutes to browse their Facebook pages online and find out what kind of impression are displaying for the world to see. You may be surprised at what you find. Are they showing respectable behavior online? After going through your screening processes, ask yourself if this is the type of person you want living in your property and always go with your gut feeling. This small exercise may save you headaches in the future.

Another tip when looking over applications and references is to never take the potential tenants word and push aside their references. After checking the references consider letting the tenant know that you will come to their current dwelling to check the tenants current condition and upkeep. If this makes the tenant nervous, reconsider accepting their applications. Be cautious and realistic when viewing their current home, not all apartments and houses for rent are in tip-top shape and some individuals may just be looking to better their living conditions. Again, use your instincts.

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