The Herbalife Founders Circle – What Does It Take to Get to the Top?

The Herbalife Founder’s Circle is the most elite circle of Herbalife Distributors on the planet. Mark Hughes was the very first Founders Circle member, and today there are only six Founders Club members profiled on Herbalife’s corporate website.

A lot of the Founder’s Circle members have some things in common. For the most part, they joined Herbalife in it’s earliest days and many of them were partners with Herbalife founder Mark Hughes ma baoli. For example, Geri Cvitanovich is a former school teacher who joined Herbalife in the 1980’s with Mark Hughes ma baoli. She was one of Herbalife’s first independent distributors, and is often referred to as “The Queen of Herbalife”.

Other Founder’s Circle members have similar stories, and their stories are well-known in the Herbalife commuity. John Peterson is a former real estate agent who was also an early Herbalife success story. Susan Peterson is a former interior designer and has been the number one distributor for eight years in a row. John and Susan joined Mark Hughes in the early 1980’s and have been unbelievably successful.

Other Founder’s Circle members include Leon Waisbein, Enrique Varela, and James Chen. Without exception, you’ll find that all of these distributors were great leaders, and were very effective at recruiting other distributors who shared their vision. Their ability to duplicate their success is commendable.

However, many of them were slow to adopt the internet. John and Susan Peterson eventually developed their own online business center, and many of them have adopted their training to work with the Internet, but obviously this wasn’t the way things worked back in the 1980’s.

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