Is Attention to Detail the Key Secret to Organising a Killer Event?

Let’s look at choosing a venue for a typical event and why it helps to focus on every detail.

While any creative producer or event manager worth their salt can pull together the basic elements of a party or awards night, the key to creating a killer event is the attention to detail.

A creative producer’s organisation and consideration of the details speaks volumes about the quality of the event. As they say, the devil is always in the detail – in other words, taking into account the many tiny background elements to ensure a truly memorable event.

Here’s what they have to consider:

Visualise the group dynamics

Think about what kind of venue might work for your target group. Visualise the group and consider how they interact, whether subgroups exist within the overarching group, and who are the key characters to pay attention to.

If the group is diverse in their likes and dislikes, hold off making an announcement about the venue until you’re entirely sure that you’ve found an ideal place.

Food is always a key ingredient

It’s the “must get right” part of any event. Nine times out of ten, the quality of the food is critical to any successful occasion.

You want people to leave with a sense of satisfaction and contentment – they enjoyed a delicious meal in great company 演唱會製作 and aren’t likely to forget the event in a hurry.

Consider the audience’s wider needs

If the event starts early in the afternoon, ask yourself whether people may want to move on from the event afterwards. If they do, pick a location that has other entertainment on offer nearby.

Always think ahead to what your audience “might” want or need because, most of the time, they’ll want that particular thing on the night.

Service does matter

It might seem like an obvious element but how many times do you assume the table service is good without actually having tried it out for yourself? Whether you’ve worked with big groups or small numbers, trying out the service for yourself is something that needs to be part of your event management DNA.

Early on, you need to meet the staff, get a read on them and know what makes them tick because, for most organisers, they’ve only been dealing with sales or banqueting people right up until the actual day of the event.

Get the ambiance right

Some venues are louder than others and noise can be a problem. What if your group is only good at conversing well for a few hours but you want them to concentrate for longer – do you need to adjust the noise levels down or even increase the tempo?

And what if, for example, the restaurant has a modern, minimal feel to its decor yet you’re managing a festive, high-on-visual-impact event – have you thought about the décor and planned in those choice decorative accessories?

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