Study Strategies for the FE Exam: How to Score High

When studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, it is wise to employ smart strategies to improve the efficiency of pre-exam preparations. Although each test-taker’s experience will be somewhat unique, there are certain general tips that have been useful for test-takers in the pastCISM exam.

Since eight subjects have the most exam questions, it is prudent to focus attention when studying on these subjects. Ensure that the major concepts of these subjects are mastered before exam day. These subjects include chemistry, dynamics, electricity, fluids, math, solids, statics, and thermodynamics.

Four subjects that appear least frequently on the exam include computers, economics, ethics, and materials science. Do not spend too much time reviewing these subjects because so few points are dedicated to these subjects on the actual exam.

When studying for the exam, use the Reference Handbook, and highlight the most common equations that appear on the exam. It is wise to become very familiar with the locations of these equations, so time is not wasted on test day trying to find the location of these formulas.

Keep in mind that a recent graduate will need about eight weeks of concentrated study to prepare for the exam. However, for engineers that have been out of school for more than ten years, studying may take six months or more. Start by reviewing the major exam topics first and take plenty of practice exams.

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