How to Navigate the Complicated Process of Interior Design Without Compromising Taste Or Budget

When it comes to furniture, some people have a very simplistic approach; throw out the old and bring in the new interior decoration hong kong. Unfortunately, you, like most people, are probably not in the position of shelling out thousands of dollars every time you want to change a room color or style. What is more likely is that your sofa will be the neighborhood spectacle, way past its expiration date, cotton and foam leaking out of various tears, sitting curbside waiting for the bulk trash.

A more economical, and less embarrassing, option is to reupholster your existing furniture. Most people are under the misconception that re-doing your furniture is very expensive and not worth the effort, but that perception is wrong. Choices in fabric and fillers, among others, determine the cost of furniture renovation, and most find this direction saves them time and money.

Interior decorating… two words that can either send a chill of excitement up your spine or one of dread through your veins. The thought of sorting through heaps of color selections and endless sample photographs while standing in a store stockpiled with rolls of fabrics and sample books can be quite daunting to most. And all for good reason, as store shopping for upholstery is time consuming and often even a waste of time. On many occasions, you, the customer, are not aware of the decorating lingo and will fail to mention details such as nail heads, tufts or buttons in inconspicuous areas, or even the condition of the fillers. These issues tend to raise the initial quote and usually end up with a sense of mistrust on both your and the decorator’s part. Not to mention, the designer’s entire insight of your taste is based on what you describe your home as and on some snapshots that might be totally off color. The end product just might not be what you envisioned when you made the decision to renovate your furniture.

Now imagine sitting down to a nice dinner with your family, cleaning up, and then answering the door to an interior designer laden with books of fabric samples in all price ranges with an abundance of experience. No need to describe your furniture because the decorator can see that clearly, along with the entire style of your home. Fabric colors can be matched exactly to the current décor and the designer can advise you on the condition of the fillers and any details that might incur additional charges. He/she might recommend changing the style of a particular piece of furniture to make it more affordable to reupholster or to suit a fabric that you favor. When the decorator leaves your home, you know you have been given an exact quote for the interior decorating that is precisely what you imagined.

Sounds expensive, right? Would you believe that some companies, like Marc Tash Interiors in NYC, offer this service for “free”?! When decorating time comes around, use the internet to search for firms in your neighborhood with shop at home advantages. You won’t regret the convenience and affordability that it offers!

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