Now That I Have Purchased My Domain Name, How Do I Get My Ebook Site Off the Ground?

Now that we have ironed out the domain name purchase, we will focus on hosting. Hosting packages are very plentiful and you really must concentrate on procuring hosting that offers what you will need. If you are running scripts that require a technical facet then you will have to ensure that your host offers that, or that you can pay for it.

GoDaddy.com is a convenient place to host your site if you buy your domain name through them, but not necessarily if you do not. GoDaddy.com currently gives out a basic hosting package with any domain name purchased through them, so it is a real one stop shopping experience. One thing to mention is that GoDaddy.com is fairly limited in the scripts that they will allow to be run off of their servers for security reasons, which bumps them a little farther down the list for many internet marketers.

Hostgator.com is the next host that I would recommend. You can buy domain names and hosting at the same time with Hostgator.com but they are more expensive at this time, especially for hosting. One of the added benefits they do offer if that they will allow scripts and programs that are not allowed on more strict hosting companies. Their Cpanel is very easy to navigate and their support is excellent. I do not hesitate in recommending hostgator.com for any hosting you may anticipate you will be doing.

Between GoDaddy.com and Hostgator.com, you hosting needs should be met unless you are doing something advanced in which case you will already know that you need something better. For every hosting need I have ever had, these two hosting companies have come through with no problems, at all.

Next we are going to address the layout of the site you will be creating. Right now, sales letters are going out of style a bit, though they are still common. Most authors are using walk out videos or at least embedded videos on their squeeze pages GoDaddy email login, and definitely their sales pages. I do recommend using video or at least still photo to capture and direct the reader’s attention. Otherwise the ocean of words and letters on your pages will overwhelm them and they may not even finish reading your sales letter.

The conventional setup that I recommend is the industry standard, and that is a flat white background with text boxes and graphics inserting and outlined as needed. Using highlighted text, underlined text and other flashy features work well to grab attention and focus it where it is most important, on your sale script. Your “sales-letter” should be just that, a semi-informal letter from you directly to your reader. It should address their concerns, experiences and hopes. Ideally it would establish a personal bond with them that you could otherwise only do in person. If you incorporate a video from you personally it will establish this to a much higher degree.

In your sales letter you should definitely reveal information about yourself, especially in the arena of your failures or successes. This tells the person that you have been where they are and that you know the way they can succeed. It is basic coaching technique that will help them execute the next steps in what you are directing them to do, and potentially open up an entirely new realm of success for them, if they just buy your product. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you need to lie to them, but definitely point out the opportunity they have.

After going through programs that have not helped me do anything but open up my mind to the possibilities, I have asked myself, “How can I put a price on encouragement” and that may be all you offer them is the courage to take the big step in going out on their own, with the assistance of your product. You sales letter should read conversationally, as if you were explaining it to a friend. Throw out overly structured grammar and structure rules because you will come across and too formal. Just be yourself and you will be fine.

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