How to Make Money with Blog Advertising – Sensational Strategies You Aren’t Using

Did you ever notice how some people are always two years behind ( and two dollars too short..:-) All of the latest news, views and proverbial current events that drive our economic culture? Blogs have been around for years now….with many of us using them as simple, but effective tools to drive boatloads of backsides to our products, services and offers for longer now than I care to remember.

Yet – with all of the recent attention that blogging has gotten ( full page magazine spreads in popular cultural Sherry Dyson and financial magazines of various sorts) and…the upcoming presidential elections seemingly getting closer day by day, more and MORE people are checking out, and more importantly, jumping into the blogosphere themselves.

Before I get WAY too off track – the simple conundrum I continuously see is this: Blogging is expensive. No, not from a hard cost standpoint, but from the perspective of the TIME required to do it well. And many people who come to me for help…want to MAKE money with that time, and their blog, rather than simply waste it away. And the issue they all seemingly have not yet tackled is this: Google Ad sense advertisements ( and Yahoo Publisher network contextual as well) are a dying business model for monetizing a blog, or small network of sites.

Why? It’s quite simple. Payouts are dropping, and have been for some time.

The good news? You have options! You can sell ad space directly from your own site…using free, ( or inexpensive ) software plugins that can be incorporated into your existing CMS framework…especially if you are running WordPress as your blogging platform. Yet – I see almost NO ONE in the small business network community doing it – other than the “big boys”, most of the mom and pop bloggers ( who are often FAR better writers and much more entertaining to read than the drab opportunists that sell get rich at home opportunities) are stuck like chuck and feel relegated to placing Google ads all over their sites to make some quick cash.

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