How to Get a Job in Project Management?

At some point in your IT career you are going to encounter change. Whether that be new technology, replacing old systems or implementing new systems it is inevitable that you will be involved in the change process PMP certification . With that brings the potential for risk.

Risk of something going wrong, risk of spending more money than has been allocated, risk of implementing something that is either not fit for purpose or does not meet the original requirements. As a result one of the most prolific and rewarding roles in IT today is the Project Manager (PM). I love being a PM.

No two projects are the same, you get to meet some fantastic people, you get to be involved in cutting edge technology and there is an enormous sense of achievement once the project has been delivered (as long as it has been delivered well and is fit for purpose). However, there is often a huge amount of pressure.

You are often working to very tight deadlines, on very tight budgets and are often working with people who do not directly report into you so you must have excellent man management and motivation skills. Good project managers can earn six figure salaries especially with performance bonuses. The average (according to itjobswatch.co.uk) is approx. £45,000 that’s about $70,000.

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