Steps For Building Links To Blog To Make Money

A weblog with less back links will not rank well with search engines. Even though your blog may have a good niche keyword in the title and in content, this alone is not enough for your blog to rank well with search engines. The search engine likes links and loves to follow links. So when you have links from outside to your blog, the search engine following it will crawl your blog and will index your pages. So the more back links you have from several sources the more your blog will be ranked higher by search engine. The result, your pages will get indexed and your blog will find a better place in the list of results for that particular keyword. At the same you should also have good internal links. These are the links you put in your blog copy to navigate to other pages of your blog.

There are many ways to get this links to your blog. This is hard work. It should be done diligently and without respite. This is a long drawn process and done day in day out https://arsprojecta.com/. There are many software to help those who find this kind of work tedious and have money to spend.

1]You should visit other blogs similar to your blog. Read the full content written there and leave comments with a link to your blog. The comments must be inline with the content and mention any new lead to the story. The comment must be in good spirit and language. This will be noted by the owner of the blog and maybe willing to give a link back to your blog, when you ask for.

2]You as well have to visit forums [2 or 3] and join any group/thread relevant to your blog theme. Put your views about the subject or reply to any query raised there, with a link back to blog. You can also start your own thread and when you receive replies answer them and keep the topic going on. Keep your replies informative, helpful to sustain the interest. This approach will make others to join. Apart from this you will also get a lot of information that you will need to succeed in your efforts to make money from your blog. People coming to the forum will naturally visit your blog. Your brand will get a boost.

3]Bookmark your blog at several bookmarking sites. StumbleUpon, Digg may be considered. Make sure that you bookmark other sites and places so that it does not look like spamming.

4]Submit your article to article directories. Submit to EzineArticles, GoArticles, Buzz.com. To find more just type “article directories” in Google search. Your articles should be original and informative. It should make readers to visit your blog for more information, through the link placed in the article or in the signature box.

5]Visit popular sites in your niche, news sites and other places where lot of visitors come. Put a link to your blog by answering to questions or by commenting or by asking any information. Find sites like these where your link is accepted. Be concise, brief and relevant since your links will be placed only after moderation.

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