Review – Build a Niche Store

When I first heard about Build a Niche Store, or BANS as many people call it, I was extremely curious to see exactly what it was and how it could help me monetize some of my stagnant domains that I owned.

You see when I first learned about BANS I was actually looking for a domain parking script. Many of my domains that I owned were simply parked with GoDaddy until I could get the time to build a site on them or figure out what I was going to do them GoDaddy email login. I was looking for a script that would build a simple web page that could contain links or ads to other similar sites (And of course make a few penny’s while I was at it). My end goal was to hopefully just cover the cost of the domain registrations. I also really didn’t like the fact that GoDaddy was cashing in (even if it was just a few cents) on my dormant domains.

Then one day I came across the website DomainParkingMoney.net. Brian Johnson the owner of domainparkingmoney.net had some very nicely done video’s explaining about the benefits of BANS over domain parking scripts.

Now to start off BANS isn’t cheap. It costs $97 and if you really don’t have an extra $100 bucks to spend it can be kind of tough to cough up. But I decided to give it a try. And to this day I’m so glad I did! It has easily paid for itself several times over.

When I first got my BANS software, I was immediately impressed to find out that not only could I set this up for my.com,.nets., etc for my domains here in the United States but I could also set it up for.co.uk,.de and many domains in other International countries. Now I had my business hat on and I could really see the potential with this.

The installation was very simple for me, the documentation was very clear and everything you needed to know to build your store was included. It walked you through every aspect of getting the files copied and getting your store initially configured. The only slight issue I had was that my hosting provider was GoDaddy and much of the documentation was not written for someone at Godaddy but they did give some helpful tips if you were on a Godaddy server.

Probably the most confusing and scary part of the install, especially if you are new to websites and how they function is the database creation piece. But I really feel the user manual steps you though this without any issues. Plus, BANS has a very large forum that is very active. If you have any issues what-so-ever you can post a question there and someone will respond within an hour or so.

As you can imagine, communication is very important with home based internet marketing businesses. Once you have your domain name and you have set up your web hosting account it is time to get them talking to each other!  You might remember I compared a domain name to a street address and hosting to the PO Box, well now we are making sure the postal carrier knows that this PO Box belongs to your address.

In this article I’ll cover how to link the domain name you got with GoDaddy and your web hosting account, through Host Gator. These services are available from other places and the process will be really similar if you want to get the services elsewhere.

You will have received an email from Host Gator with your account information. You are going to need that email to do this step. In the email it will have your domain name and some other details about the account, but the key information you will need for this step is the “name servers”. You will have two different name servers that look very similar to this:

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