Wholesale Business Discussion Blog Nightmare – Module 1!

Have you ever wondered what the word cul-de-sac means in understandable English? It’s called for a few of us in direct marketing and commercial offerings, nightmare! You could have most of the months, weeks and days running great for you, all of a sudden you wanted to eliminate a little mysticism and adjust to a new interesting trend and boom – your wholesale business blog goes to Jupiter.

The classy facts being, you probably had 100’s, perhaps 1,000’s of pages. Numerous videos, multiple pictures, how do you react? If you’re not so classy a combination of “F” words will probably ring the bell for you clearly. Then of course if you can recuperate quickly, you definitely would get my “Alien” entrepreneur of the month – as it isn’t usual mywebmagazine.co.uk. But if you love what you do, you hit a comeback to probably recuperate many of your pages.

Personally, one of the blogs I had for my consultation wholesale video games informal proposals went from 30-40 pages, to 0. Calling hosting company to see how the problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently and they might respond as a top corporation will do, prolifically but with news you may not want to hear from your long blog or recently started entries.

They mean something like this: Hello, Unfortunately, we do not have a backup of the files for the blog. If you have any questions, just let us know. Carl, Linux System Admin. Now imagine you expecting the best hosting company in customer service telling you that, by the way, this isn’t GoDaddy responding back. Let’s keep them as the “XY” company because of loyalty and understanding “mistake reasons.

Reality being, if you’ve gotten a respond like this, putting them in shorter conclusions – you want a “reason why”. An answer because they are supposed to care about you as a customer and protect the safety net of your network – true. When you reply back and respond back you get the reason why you needed to read or heard in order to learn from a potential crisis in the future. So you receive a response, the response by shocking, can you handle it? Here it is:

“Hello, unfortunately, backups are not kept for anyone that exceeds the inode limit, as defined in our Terms of Service, at 50,000 inodes. You have been over that number since the week prior to Dec 30 2007, and at the time of the most recent backup was at 66,404 inodes, so your account was not backed up.

Unfortunately, when accounts do not get backed up for this reason, the old backup is still removed from the backup server, so we have no backup for you at all. I am sending this ticket back to sales to remove the restore fee since we were unable to complete your request. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thanks, Mr. Spear Level 2 Linux Administrator.”

Let’s take a quick look at one of the easiest ways you can amp up your conversions when writing for your blog audience. The unfortunate, but obvious truth that we all inherently understand is that very few of us are a Hemmingway, Poe, or Tolstoy. Writing is tough stuff, and can really feel like heavy lifting. Sometimes the creative juices are simply dried up. And what happens when the lifting feels to much to bear? You simply stop writing, right? Bad move, NOT necessary and arguably a creative block can often yield some of your best content. Continue reading as we explore!

When I look at my own blogs, across just about EVERY niche I publish in ( and that’s a lot!) the posts that get the best action ( and the best conversions) are simple lists. People LOVE lists, they are easy to create, and require NO real creative zen to complete. Frankly, the other pink elephant in the middle of the copywriting room is….the essay post you spent an hour writing? People are scanning it – reading JUST the headlines, the subheads and bullet points anyway. Even your very BEST stuff can be made into a list. “5 ways to do X” , “3 proven tips to do Y”, these are the sorts of posts people LOVE to read, love to link to, and convert PHENOMENALLY well if you’ve got something to sell to boot.

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