How to Start a Jewelry Business – Using Blogs to Make Sales

Blogging is a great way to advertise your jewelry business. Blogging takes advertising your line to a higher level than just putting pictures up of your jewelry with a “Buy now” button. You can use your blog posts to educate consumers, teach them how to clean their jewelry, provide show dates where you will be selling and even talk about celebrities and what they are wearing.

I get 8,000 visitors a month to my blog using the free WordPress.com service. It makes a ton of money for me and costs me nothing to produce. I encourage readers to leave comments and interact with the post information bluegraydaily.com. I write about the current trends, celebrity jewelry sightings, stores and lines that I like and even post about current news and events. Not only does this give me the ability to use certain keywords that search engines love, but attracts visitors that weren’t actually ready to buy and turn them into loyal readers and customers.

And yes, I do sell my stuff right on the blog posts from time to time. But blogging can be used best to educate and attract readers and then leave links to my store where they can purchase. Blogging builds valuable credibility for your business and your expertise. Only a short time ago, the Internet was a place where no one really knew each other and very little interaction took place. Social networking and blogging have narrowed the visitor and publisher experience so we can now get to be more intimate with each other just like at a real physical store, which leads to more sales.

Blogging is not only fun, the search engines love them. Why? Because when people post nearly everyday, that is the freshest and most current content on the web. And search engines need the newest and freshest content to give to their customers or they will search elsewhere. Blogging may be your chance to get a #1 search engine position just like I have, and turn readers into loyal customers for life.

If you want to amplify your blog to new heights there are a few simple steps you need to take to make this happen. If done on a regular basis your readership will continue to return and may bring additional readers into the loop. As a blogger myself I am always looking for new and exciting ways to keep my readers interested in my blog. The 4 proven steps below should help any lagging blog return to former glory and any blog that has never seen much traffic find itself bogged down with new readers.

1. Reach out to your readers by talking about hot topics. Begin the day by exploring the relevant RSS feeds. By doing this, it’ll help you brainstorm new ideas. Find the hottest issues online and by using articles quickly splash your page with all the latest news. Of course, this should only be focused on your niche or topic. This will keep your target audience interested. Always keep your readers in mind when posting a new article or blog post. It is always best to remember that online users are mainly interested in reading about things they have never heard of before.

2. Always do a thorough analysis and research the topic before converting it to text. It’s important that the subject matter is clearly defined and easy to understand. Give your readers every bit of information that you can find. By doing this you will capture their attention. If possible, it is also a good idea to try and interview anyone who is considered an authority on the subject. The better the information, the better the blog posts. Your audience will surely appreciate all the effort that went into it.

3. Write simple copy. Write your articles as if you were talking to a friend. Keep your readers level of compensation in mind at all times. If you’re targeting the younger crowd, don’t use difficult vocabulary. Otherwise, you will surely lose readers by the groves. Use language that your readers will be accustomed to. This is the best way to get through to them and ensure they stick around.

4. Make a point on always delivering unique content. It’s a very bad idea to copy other people’s work. If you do, use quotes. You will only get yourself in trouble by copying another persons blog posts. It’s a known fact that you can easily ruin your credibility in the online arena by using duplicate content. The search engines frown upon it and so will your readers. If you’re discovered by your readers, they may jump ship and go to where the content originated from in the first place. The last thing any blogger wants is to lose their readers to their competitor. Correct?

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