No One Wants a Blog About You

You’re already yelling at me telling me that personal blogs make the news all the time. I don’t disagree, but I would argue that every one of those personal blogs has a niche or an angle.

SoulTravelers3 is a personal blog about their family – but it’s not really about them making dinner or doing the laundry -it’s about their travels. If you’re a travel person this is the kind of blog that would interest you. It doesn’t matter that it’s that particular family, what matters is the viewpoint that family has about their travels www.earlynewspaper.com. The niche their is a family traveling.

Ever been told that if you want to buy a digital camera or a big screen TV you need to go to “this guy’s blog, he talks about that stuff all the time”. Well “this guy” has a niche, he reviews all things digital and people probably flock to his site.

There are great political blogs, hunting blogs, race car, corvette, living in NY, finding a job and great restaurant blogs. There are blogs about hummingbirds, photography, science projects and jewelry. And then there are millions of blogs you’ll never find that have random content like ‘today I buried my dog’, and ‘my dentist is cute’ and ‘why are drivers in this city so crazy’.

These are the kinds of blogs that attract families and Facebook friends, but if you plan to make money from Google ads – these are the kind that will suck up your time for just a handful of visitors per day.

Who else is thinking about starting a corporate blog? If you are anything like many of my high falutin friends in big business or professional services like law or medicine, the thought of starting a blog to attract clients, patients or customers seems a little bit silly, doesn’t it? If you said YES to that, the chances are you are not too plugged in to the content creation (and distribution) revolution that’s taking place online right now…and the bad news is that it will most likely leave you far behind, and fast!

Why do I say this? I think you probably already know, but many of the younger, more aggressive professionals are coming straight to the market with a firmer grip on technology as a driver for their business building efforts, and many of the “old boys club” are simply suffering as a consequence.

With this in mind, let’s look at 2 simple ways that a corporate blog can build BACK your brand and even more importantly, allow you connect with your clients and customers in a dramatic fashion.

Blogs, short for web logs, are often just regarded as online diaries or simply a venue where one can express opinions and thoughts about current events, the news and other happenings. But what many blog readers do not actually realize is that, as internet marketing methods and strategies develop with technology, blogs can actually be a way for blog writers to earn more money! How?

Several online companies are now offering advertising services as part of their long list of internet marketing methods. This means that certain product and company advertisements which are related to your topics can be placed alongside or as banners to your articles. Once you have registered for these advertising services, you can then start earning for as long as readers click on the advertisements on your blog. The rates often vary but all the details will of course be revealed upon your registration to the service.

After you have started a blog, find a way to increase blog traffic or site traffic. This is usually done through search engine optimization or SEO. This means adding articles, certain keywords, videos or photos that will put your blog or your website on top of search engine results.

This means that more and more online users will be able to visit your blog or your website. Consequently, the chances of your online advertisements getting clicked are higher and the chances of you earning more dollars for every single time that these advertisements get traffic is of course higher as well.

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