Start the Annual Health Check With Your Eyes

Everyone’s been there. New Years comes around, and many make promises to themselves that they know they can’t keep. In addition, once resolutions are broken, they’re often not made again until the following January, leaving many months of indulgence. If you plan to wait until the New Year to kick start your new health regime, don’t let that delay include your eyes. If you’ve never had an eye test before, it’s important to book an appointment as soon as possible!

For the uninitiated, the most common type of eye test involves an optician asking you to read letters, numbers and words off of a chart on the wall. This is the most basic test for determining how far you can see clearly, and therefore used for prescribing glasses or contact lenses home depot health check. However, regular eye tests, which should be attended at least once every two years, are important for diagnosing other eye conditions as well.

By having your eyes tested, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your eyes, as it is very common for undiagnosed conditions to be identified through eye tests. It is a little known fact that eye tests can uncover early stage symptoms of many diseases, from glaucoma to AIDS, and this alone should be reason to book a test soon. Also, like all diseases, the sooner something is diagnosed, the less damage it will cause in the long run. In children, recognising sight problems at an early age can lead to corrective actions being taken to reduce the chances of sight problems in later life. For young children in particular, common problems like lazy eyes and crossed eyes should be checked for as early as possible.

The main reason for having your eyes checked should be to keep them in good health and to maintain your vision for as long as possible, but for some professions, this is more important than for others. Bus drivers and surgeons, for example, rely on their eyes to look after members of the public, so getting a free eye test should be a regular part of their annual health check. Of course, eye problems can be hereditary, so if any visual ailments have occurred in your family in the past, you may have increased risk of suffering from the same problem.

Some of the more common health issues seen in all types of Yorkie dogs, including Teacup Yorkies are also seen in other breeds of toy and small dogs.

Often these health conditions are not life threatening but can become more serious if left untreated for longer periods of time. Yorkshire Terriers are generally a healthy breed, although the smaller dogs, including the very tiny Teacup Yorkies are more prone to most health conditions than the larger and Yorkie dogs in the breed.

Knowing what to look for and understanding the first signs of some of the more common medical conditions for Yorkie dogs is important for the owner. Yorkie dogs will often need to go to the vet more than once a year, especially if any of the conditions described below are noted. Keep in mind that early treatment will often be the most effective way to manage or treat health conditions in Yorkie dogs.

Getting into a routine that allows you to check Yorkshire Terriers overall health and wellness on a regular, routine basis is important. There are checks that need to be done daily and weekly for Yorkie dogs, however there are also checks that can be done once a month. The following health checks are recommended by Yorkie breeders on a monthly basis:

It is a good idea to weigh your Yorkie once a month. Overweight Yorkie dogs, like overweight humans, have greater risks for many health conditions. Weighing Yorkie dogs will help you monitor if it is eating properly and not overeating.

If you notice that the dog is gaining weight, try decreasing the food a bit at a time, cutting out the table scraps or treats, and increasing exercise. Yorkie dogs, especially those with digestive problems, should not be fed any types of human food or table scraps under any conditions.

Spend time exercising with your dog and note if there are any changes in the Yorkie dogs stamina or general fitness level. Yorkie dogs enjoy a moderate amount of exercise, but is an idea dog for in an apartment as their small size makes it possible for them to exercise in the house. They love going on walks and investigating new territories, as well as playing and running, but do not enjoy excessive amounts of either of these activities. It is important to provide a wide variety of exercise for the Yorkie dogs to keep them active.

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