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Hurrah for expectant Mums with growing waistbands! You no longer need to head to the only Mother and Baby store on the high street – only to discover a paltry offering of 80’s throw back maternity threads! Thankfully today’s maternity manufacturers are plentiful, reaching a global market via the internet.

If like me, prior to pregnancy, you had no idea what the stores / big retail brands had to offer in terms of maternity wear (and why would you!), you may be surprised jeans pants to discover that maternity wear is big business – especially online. I looked at 7 different maternity jean manufacturers to see what each had to offer, and found the variety in style, size, colour, cut and shape astounding!

Jeans Premaman – For the Slim Sleek Figure Jeans Premaman is an Italian designer who claims to be ‘born to satisfy the desires and needs of pregnant and expectant women’! Best known for their under the bump low rise styles, with Jeans Premaman, you don’t have to give up the figure hugging shape you expect from your favourite jeans. They’ve simply adapted them to add a maternity fit that will accommodate your growing belly. You will be happy for these jeans to be with you for some time after pregnancy, offering you great value for money.

2Wear – For the Curvy Figure 2Wear, a Norwegian brand offers maternity jeans with either over or under the bump waist fittings. What sets them apart is that they have designed their jeans with what 2Wear call ‘a real world pregnancy shape’ in mind. If you have a curvy figure 2Wear designs are most definitely worth a look – In my opinion one of the best fitting / best designed maternity jeans available today.

Boob – Comfort and Style in one! Swedish designers Boob are probably most famous for (as their name suggests) their amazing collection of nursing wear. Today it has progressed into a full range of maternity wear. Their best selling Treggings are simply this seasons ‘must have maternity item’. So stretchy and soft, put simply, once you put these on, you won’t want to take them off. Suitable for all maternity shapes, from early pregnancy right through to post birth.

Funmum – Value and style in one! One of the largest UK maternity manufacturers, Funmum has been a maternity wardrobe staple for many years. Their classic over the bump style maternity boot cut jeans offer the perfect combination of value for money and style. My vote goes to Funmum for bump support every time. The soft jersey panel has a wonderfully snug fit around your growing bump from first appearance right through to full term and post birth.

9Fashion – Fun and Funky Maternity Styles Polish manufacturer 9Fashion have designed their maternity / pregnancy wear clothing range for the modern girl about town. Aimed at the younger expectant Mum, 9fashion bring a more fun approach to maternity denims – denim skirts, shorts and some very hip dungarees, all with feature stitching / individually stylized in some way. Their mission? To enable you to feel stylish and sexy during maternity and beyond! You can’t argue with that.

Crave Maternity – Sleek and Straight The Crave Maternity range has been expertly designed to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy. Their PULL ON maternity jean is an all year round maternity wardrobe staple. The on the bump fit is fantastic for early mid and post pregnancy. You could easily wear these jeans way into post pregnancy, even once you regain your former shape.

Bellybutton – Built to Last bellybutton’s beautiful maternity wear collection is designed for women who enjoy and value stylish high quality clothing – it’s a German brand and as you would expect, it’s well made, well engineered and perfectly presented. Their Maya Boot Cut maternity jeans are simply the best on the market. They’ll last for many pregnancies to come and in my opinion well worth the investment for Mums intent on a brood.

Maternity jeans are a maternity wear staple so it’s definitely worth doing your homework before you buy. This is an amazing time for you and you deserve to look and feel great! With so much maternity wear to choose from you can definitely find the style and fit that works for you during pregnancy – turning that bloating to blooming in moments!

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