4 Top Places for Studying Abroad in the Sun

There is a unique vitality and potency to gaining at least part of an education in places abroad. Perhaps the excitement inspires absorption of knowledge, perhaps the cultural diversity encourages the firing of neural pathways, or maybe the intensity of the experience stirs the memory. Ultimately, the capacity to learn is enhanced by the flavour of a foreign destination. Should this destination deliver wonderful weather and outdoor pursuits students may flourish all the more. The advantage of such destinations is that the wonderful weather allows students to not only absorb knowledge in positive environment, but it also allows them get out and about to discover more.


Barcelona boasts an idyllic climate that feeds a metropolitan beehive of activity. The chance of studying abroad here should not be missed; the excellent weather affords students myriad uk education consultants opportunities to engorge on the cultural delights of the city. From its museums and galleries to fine architecture and beaches, and from famed sporting events to diverse restaurants, the Catalan capital has so much to offer – and all of it can serve to educate on many levels.


Athens has been synonymous with education for centuries. The iconic city lures students into studying abroad simply because it has, for so long, inspired the learned and wise of Western civilisation, and has hence contributed mightily to the fields of mathematics, philosophy, science and art. It is an added bonus that students can soak up this legacy under clear skies. Not only that, when the learning is done they can escape to islands and beaches of for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

Southern France

The fascinating ancient cities of France have long held strong educational traditions. In fact, many have travelled to Paris since the Middle Ages with studying abroad as their objective. While there’s no sign of sun, sea and sand, the universities and institutes here do afford an easy train trip south where the beaches of Cannes and Nice await. It is a chance for busy students to rest their minds and and stretch their your cultural muscles as they explore a diverse and exclusive area of coastline.

The Italian Coast

From Rome to Florence to Naples, there are so many chances to indulge in studying abroad in Italy. Whether students are perfecting their culinary skills, brushing up on a love of ancient history or coming to grips with the paintings of the Renaissance masters, there are ample educational institutions that offer the best. Complement this with the burnished beaches and relaxed air of the Italian coastline, and Italy is indeed the complete package for an educational experience abroad

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