Electric Curtains Vs Normal Curtains

Whenever we think of motorised curtains, we all picture them being used in conference rooms within the big cities, giving that particular business an air of professionalism. But because of the various benefits they can offer over regular curtains, it is common nowadays for motorised curtains to be installed within the home.

It can often be difficult for some people to open or close their curtains due to various reasons. Some may find it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as this as they may be less mobile than others. But it can also be difficult for the able-bodied whose curtains may, for example, just be difficult to reach. This can result in accidents where you may be harmed or your curtains may be damaged. These incidents can be prevented, however, with the use of motorised curtains. In essence and from a practical perspective, they will open and close on their own accord, meaning that never again will you need to try and yank a curtain shut from an awkward angle and cause yourself an injury; there’s no chance of electric curtain rails toppling down on you as you won’t have any need to pull on the curtains.

By investing in electric curtains, you can control exactly when you want them to open or close. It is also possible for some motorised curtains to be controlled via the level of daylight; for instance, they can be set to open just as the sun is beginning to rise and in turn, close at twilight. Built-in sensors monitor the level of light outside, so once you have put this setting in place, the curtains will react to the light (or lack of) and they will not require any further assistance from you.

This means that the system can also still work for when you are away, providing you with reassurance that your home will appear occupied at all times and ward off any potential burglars.

Motorised curtains can be controlled by using an extremely straightforward timer which allows you to select the specific times that you wish for your curtains to open or close. Your curtains can actually hide the timer on your wall so that the aesthetics of your window will not be spoiled.

Alternatively, electric curtains can be operated via a remote control system (some are even available to close all curtains simultaneously) so that you can be in control of these at all times electric curtain and monitor the level of sunlight in your home.

If you have a home entertainment system, you can enjoy the ultimate cinema experience, by linking this to your electric curtain system; whenever you wish to settle down and watch a film, your curtains will close allowing you to watch the film in the way it should be viewed.

Electric curtain tracks are easy to install and can be attached to even the heaviest or largest of curtains. But do not assume that, because it is electric, your system will cause loud noise every time you wish to open or close your curtains. A range of glides are available from most manufacturers that allow you to draw your curtains silently, consequently not disturbing or causing irritation to you in any way.

Whether you’re after motorised curtains for your home or for the work place, electric curtains allow you the opportunity to add a touch of luxury to your environment as well as being practical at the same time.

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