Take a Break – Don’t Let Fatigue Beat You!

In a previous article I talked about one of the two “nevers” in casino table games and that was download mega888 apk never quit a winning streak, the other “never” was NEVER REACH INTO YOUR POCKET TO BET MORE THAN YOUR ORIGINAL BUY IN.

If it makes sense to NEVER quit a winning streak, then the opposite is also true. ALWAYS quit a losing streak. If your original buy in is gone, you are on a losing streak of sorts, it may only be a small one, but it is time to quit and try somewhere else.

Part of proper game planning includes a money management strategy which allocates so much for your buy in amount, once that is gone, then it’s not logical to reach for more, it’s time to walk away and take a break. One of the worse things you can do in casino gambling is chase your money. Reaching into your pocket for more at a particular table is exactly that, chasing your money.

By taking a break you can clear your mind of any negativity and mentally prepare yourself to go at it again. There is no time limitation on this break, it can be a few minutes, a half hour, whatever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it is just a matter of going to a different table or relaxing in the Keno lounge, or going to another casino. It is entirely up to you, but you need to walk away. Any of the above scenarios are a better option than reaching into your pocket to chase the money you have already lost.

I personally like the change of venue, as in going to another casino, however sometimes that is not practical, especially if you are at one of the strip casinos in Las Vegas (it is a long way between casinos). One of the reasons I like playing the downtown casinos in Las Vegas is because a change of venue was just a walk across the street to another casino.

Just as an added footnote, another reason I like the downtown casinos in Las Vegas is the house rules are a little more player friendly (payouts, etc.). But, if I am playing in one of the strip casinos, I like to take a short break between tables by relaxing in the Keno lounge, drinking a Corona and enjoying a good cigar. It allows me to refocus, shake off the last table, and then go at it again in search of that winning streak I know will come. Know your play. Know your way.

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