Public Speaking for Kids

Some kids have no problems at all with public speaking – they are a “people person.” But public speaking isn’t easy for every kid, only a few are “born with it.” Here are 4 tips that will help your child give speeches like a boss:

1. Don’t call it public speaking
Public speaking is a strong, serious term. Kids usually don’t do “serious”, they are playful and want to have fun! So try making it a fun exercise. Don’t try to talk about mistakes, but do try to help them improve. Tell them where they shine, it will help them be more confident. But also tell them their weak sides, so you can improve it – together! Or try to remove as many of these “hard parts”, it will make the whole thing easier and less frightening!

2. Start slow
Before letting your kid give a public speech in front of the whole class, try practising with just a small group! At home, try getting the family together for a presentation – even the dog! Pets can kids confidence be quite distracting, but when your kid learns to deal with it, giving a public speech in a classroom will be much easier. (there will always be distractions with so many kids!)

In school, you can let three to five kids together and let them practise with each other. If you aren’t watching them too closely, they will be much more relaxed, too! Making mistakes in front of friends is much less frightening as getting judged by the teacher.

3. Try conversations
Instead of making your kid give a speech, try by starting with a dialog. Ask questions about the subject and let the kid answer. This will help building confidence. Then try this with a group. When the kids answer, they will already be addressing a crowd, just like public speaking. Answering simple questions is so much less frightening!

As soon as you get your conversation going, your kid will feel at ease. Tell them that they are doing good, and that public speaking doesn’t need to be any different than that. Public speaking will be connected to these relaxed conversations, making the thought of it not scary at all.

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