Guwenhua Jie – Where Shopping Meets Folk Culture and Arts

Tianjin is one of the biggest and populous cities of China set towards the northeast of the country packed with a great array of shopping choices. From quaint to modern, budget to upscale and plain street vendors to dazzling malls, shopping in Tianjin can be both exciting and exhilarating.

So what are the best shopping precincts in Tianjin? They include Friendship Department Store, Parkson Shopping Centre, Jinhui Shopping Square, Shenyang Dao Antique Market. You will also find supermarkets of retail giants in the world like Wal-Mart and Carrefour in Tianjin. But if you are looking for a more cultural dose to spice up your shopping experience then come to the Guwenhua Jie also known as the Ancient Culture Street 레플리카.

Guwenhua Jie runs on the west bank of Haihe River and is located in the Nankai District of Tianjin. It is a street with a rich history spanning six centuries. Guwenhua Jie was renovated and expanded in the 1980s and formally opened in 1986. The street straddles about half a kilometre starting from Gongbei Avenue and ending at Gongnan Avenue. Right in the middle of this street is the famous Taoist temple known as Tianhou Palace dedicated to the Goddess Tianhou.

A stroll along the Ancient Culture Street of Tianjin will take you to the heart of Chinese architecture as the street is teeming with traditional buildings and decor. Some of its buildings are centuries old and are covered in vivid paintings and motifs. The familiar Chinese red lantern dazzles throughout the street gathered in festoons in front of shops and canopying the street. You will also see some fine painted clay sculptures clad in striking costumes, making various poses and expressions.

Just walking along Guwenhua Jie won’t be enough since you will be missing a lot if you don’t check out its countless shops. The street is quite famous among locals and tourists for folk crafts, and not just one or two shops but hundreds of them selling a mountain of traditional handicrafts.

While collecting your haul of souvenirs and gifts don’t forget to hunt for some traditional paintings and painted sculptures. And that’s not all. The street is also packed with Chinese curios, beautifully designed potteries and jade works among other aesthetic crafts.

But how can you continue your shopping spree on an empty stomach? Guwenhua Jie is not all about folk crafts, as there is a host of mouth watering local snacks and drinks waiting to be savoured by you. Among them you definitely ought to try out the Tianjin’s gourmet specials like Goubuli Baozi and Erduoyan Zhagao. Goubuli Baozi translates to steamed stuffed bun while Erduoyan Zhagao literally means Ear-hole Fried Cake. Both will bring you heavenly flavours and melt in your mouth as you munch on.

Drop by on March 23rd and you can even enjoy the spirit of Huanghui Fair that comes to this street every year on this day. There will be huge and spellbinding dragon lanterns, stunts of stilt walkers, surprises of land boats and mesmerizing lion dances. Be sure to have your camera ready and eyes opened wide to capture every moment.

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