Your Message Is Your Business Card

One thing people tend to understand more and more nowadays is the meaning of ‘less is more’ and ‘first impressions count’. In any business, clients do not look for those service providers who waste their time with long boring presentations or campaigns, which say too much, but deliver nothing at the end. Clichés have been used so much in these circumstances that clients cannot find the real essence anymore. They cannot see who that company, that trainer, coach or entrepreneur really is. And, quite frankly, people do not look for a nicely wrapped, empty package anymore 홈타이.

In this situation, coaching is no exception. As a coach, you are the first to experience the change in people’s choices. You know by now that you cannot make yourself visible just by using nicely crafted words created by a skilled copywriter. Your potential clients are impatient and want to find out from the start who you really are, what you can do for them and how successful you are. This is the main criteria they choose to work with you.

You’d be amazed how easily a good clear message can set you apart from other coaches. You don’t even have to use expensive marketing campaigns. You need to know what your assets are, to show you are the expert your clients are looking for and to be consistent in what you say about yourself and your work.

That is why it is incredibly important to deliver a magnetic message to attract your clients. Your magnetic message must convey an effective summary of your work:

– What you do as a coach
Your clients must understand clearly what you do as a coach. They must know that you specialize in a specific area and that you can find solutions to specific problems. Do not let your clients perceive you as a generalist, because when they want to work with a coach, they only look for the best in the business, for the experts who have a high success rate.

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