The Principle Behind the Biblical Story of Ruth

Many scholars actually believe that the book of Ruth was written in the period of post exilic. This is the period when the Israelis were permitted to return home after a long exile in the city of Babylonia. During this period, there were two leaders namely Nehemiah and Ezra who both persuaded people to be more vigilant in secluding themselves away from the foreigners.

This was a clear manifestation of them being distrustful to people who were considered non-Jews. In the bible study Ruth is regarded as one of the most interesting literature in post-exillic era. The principles in this literature were normally the opposite the conventional teachings about God, His divine purposed and about the Promised Land 분당스웨디시.

One of the main purposes why this particular book was written is that to show people in Israel the other ways to fulfill the purposes of God. The biblical story of Ruth expresses the rather unexpected means of achieving God’s purpose and to also show the His divine love is for everyone – Jews and non-Jews.

This message is nothing new to us but during that period, people had difficulties understanding the message. Ruth was not part of any tribe in Israel. She was from Moab and belonged to the so-called enemies of the Israelites that time. She opted to live with Naomi, her mother-in-law, in Israel and eventually has her own child who also became David’s ancestor.

The biblical story of Ruth is compilation of the events that took part during the period before David’s kingship in 1000 BC. The terms and also the customs featured in this book took place during this particular period. In this book, one may learn an old custom which allowed a widow to marry a brother of her husband if she bore no children in order to carry on the name.

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