Types of Massage Therapy – Choose the Best One That Soothes You

A soothing massage can be experienced in several different forms. All you have to do is determine the type of massage that your body needs, and also what type do you think will be most relaxing for you to have.

Here are some of the cho:

This particular type of massage makes use of aromatherapy aside from the power of touch in rejuvenating the senses. Aromatherapy is known for using essential oils whose fragrance can invoke relaxation to those who smell it. An aromatherapy massage works by helping your muscles relax by means of these essential oils then eventually as you feel yourself loosen up, the massage can penetrate deeper and be absorbed better by the body.

2. Chinese Medical Massage

Around Asian countries, this is also known to be acupressure. What happens here is that the pressure points of the body are being used to target the areas that needed the massage. Aside from using it as a way to relax and soothe those tired muscles, this type of massage can be useful for medicinal purposes 강남펄안마.

Usually, those who facilitate this type of massage need to be properly oriented with Tui Na(a type of chinese manipulative therapy using acupressure). The theory behind this form of massage states that mental & physical stress plus outside forces tend to block the natural flow of Qi(the circulating life energy). As this happens, the muscles, joints, and even the internal organs may be affected. However, applying the right pressure on our energy points are said to have the ability to relieve the discomfort.

3. Cranial Sacral Therapy

The roots of this therapy comes from a medicinal concept which is why you may not get to encounter it often as among the usual massage services being offered. However, consider yourself lucky if you can come across a spa center or a therapist that offers this type of massage. The said therapy, also known as CST, targets the sacrum, spine, and cranium to eliminate the stress from the body. It is heavily reliant on the cerebrospinal fluid, and this is what it aims to release towards the nervous system and the brain. The only way that this fluid can be facilitated to flow properly is by means of a massage around the skull area.

4. Shiatsu

This is also one of the popular massage alternatives you can find and try. This type of massage makes use of the thumbs, fingers, and palm in alleviating discomfort. The point of shiatsu is to help release the natural healing power of the body by means of stimulating its immune system. It is also grounded on the precept – that people experience imbalances in their energy force and so shiatsu must be used to prevent this from happening.

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