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Why I Feel Discussing Sex With Mom is As Good As Learning How to Cook

There is nothing as worse as imagining your own parents having sex. Think again. There is something else worse than that. Sorry but feel it: Your parents might be having better sex than you. As a child I rarely thought about discussing sex with mom or dad. I thought it as an abomination. In the earlier generation, no one even talked about sex literotica. My mother never talked about sex with her own mother and so it never crossed her mind that parents can talk about sex with their children. My father died when I was young but that did not deter mum from dating other guys. I used to play with the guys a lot but I never imagined what happened between mum and her friends when I retired to bed.

Ask anybody about their parents’ sex life. The answer they will give you shows that they view their parents as pure and chaste not petting or pawing. This is usually during childhood but as people approach teenage hood, the thought might creep in their mind but they usually brush it off. What happens behind our parents bedroom doors is not a pretty thought you will agree with me. It is funny because when parents are in the age where they can have sex, they do not talk about it. They actually gather the courage to broach the subject once the phase has passed. Discussing sex with mom is now possible and for your knowledge she is now 82 years old. Intellectually, I am supposed to listen and support her sex identity but sometimes I feel there are some things I would rather not know.

My mind tells me that discussing sex with mom is not a big deal but my gut contradicts it. Would you ever want to know how many guys your mother slept with? Who was good at it and who slept on the job? My mum decided to write a book about her sex life and I was given the role of proof reading the draft. Reading her romantic episodes, word by word, paragraph after paragraph on every page would have been exciting only if it was another woman. The imagination was shocking and I realized that her sex life was far much better than mine. It was full of drama but very spontaneous. If only she taught me about sex like she taught me about cooking I would be enjoying all the pleasures nature can give.

By the time my mum was 18 years old, she had romance stories with internationally big people who gave her the best. On the other hand when I was about the same age the best I would do romantically was watch a Hollywood romantic movie in the TV room. When I read her romance story I knew my mother was appreciating her being a sexual being more than I do. If discussing sex with mom was something I grew up with, I would have appreciated physical needs, desires fetishes and faults. My mum is beautiful but I attribute her success in the romance field to her experience. If I would have learnt from her my experience would be more fulfilling. This is just but a thought.

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