Get the Latest Versions of RealMe 5 Pro and Samsung Laptop With RealTalk Software

The RealMe 5 Pro is one of the handsets that has won rave reviews from everybody. It is a powerful mobile phone that offers you a lot of innovative features and functionalities, especially that it comes in attractive and sleek designs. It comes with a stylish 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display and a powerful processor. The phone also features a powerful dual camera with an image stabilizer and digital zoom.

Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro launched in Pakistan - It's Quite Expensive than  in Other Regions – Tech Prolonged

The RealMe 5 pro comes with various connectivity options, which include high-speed Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and gigabit Ethernet. This high speed connectivity with a variety of connectivity options makes it easy to utilize your phone anywhere. Some of the important connectivity features of these phones include USB connectivity, gigabit Ethernet, and microSD. For fast data transfer the Adreno technology allows the phones to send and receive large files instantly. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your life with a stylish and efficient handset that gives you excellent value for money realme 5 pro.

The RealMe 5 pro mobile phones are well equipped with smart features that help you do your work with efficiency. It has a powerful digital camera that comes with digital zoom, image stabilization, and anti-shake. It also comes with an intuitive interface that helps you to use the device quickly and efficiently. The microSD slot provides you with additional storage space, which further helps you save on the valuable memory resources. The phone also has a very useful feature called Reality Snap that makes it possible for the user to take a snapshot of anything around him without having to touch the screen.

The RealMe 5 pro is also an ideal choice as a business phone. It comes with a large keypad and provides you with a huge space to enter text. The keyboard has large touch pads and large windows that make it easy to access all the important information. The large keypad is enhanced with a complete set of alphabetical function keys. This makes it even more convenient for you to type and write without any hassle. The built in memory has ample space to store a large number of applications including the Microsoft Office components, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other word processing applications.

The high quality Samsung Laptop with the RealMe 5 pro price tag not only enables you to get high definition videos and images from your mobile phone, but also to transfer the same to your laptop easily. You can conveniently transfer the files using a USB cable and also send them to any Samsung laptop using the USB cable. The RealMe has a complete package of high-end technology that enables it to act as a camcorder as well as a mobile phone. In addition to recording videos and images, the phone also offers you the facility of sharing the same with family and friends via social networking sites. The RealMe features a sixteen mega pixel camera that offers flexible photo shooting options.

The phone comes with an inbuilt voice recognition facility that can be used to activate the voice recording automatically. The real 5 pro price tag comes along with fourGB Ram memory that helps in improving the efficiency of the mobile phone. The phone is also equipped with a large nineteen mega-pixel camera that serves as an excellent mobile video camcorder. It has been released alongside the RealMe Cloud application that lets you manage your media files from anywhere using the internet.

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