Secrets of a Healthy Brain

How can you function properly and be productive in society if your brain is not healthy? Please follow these recommendations on how to get and keep your brain in top condition. This information can also be very helpful for those with any mental disorders.

First of all, you need to avoid any and all toxic exposures. They can kill and harm brain cells and their function.

This toxic exposure can come from poor air quality, toxic materials, and toxins we ingest into our body. I will tell you how to look out for these toxins that we ingest later in the article.

You need to pay close attention to your brain’s reaction after eating or drinking certain things. Ingest something  Sonavel and wait about twenty minutes. See if you feel anxious, depressed, or fatigued.

These could be signs that those types of food do not agree with your brain chemistry, and you should avoid them. Food or drink that is right for you should give you sustained energy and should allow you to think clearly.

You also need to be careful if you work on or around a construction site because of all of the toxins and exposure to heavy metals. Make sure your hobbies and recreational activities don’t involve toxic materials.

Stay away from sugar, white flour products, dairy, wheat products(gluten), chemical additives, and preservatives. Don’t eat junk food, they have similar effect on your brain as recreational drugs, they rev you up for a short time, which is then followed by a longer period of crashing. They can also become addictive and cause massive weight gain.

Stay away from Aspartame, the chemical ingredient in most diet sodas and many diet products. This was developed in a lab to have no calories and be able replace sugar as a sweetener in most drinks. Well that is great except for the fact that aspartame is addicting.

Why? Because aspartame is 180 times sweeter than sugar! It has also been shown to lead to weight gain and, in lab experiments, it put holes in the brains of mice and rats. Yes, holes in the brains of mice and rats.

Since they can make so much money fooling people into thinking they are dieting from drinking soda, then I guess they figured the aspartame wouldn’t put holes in our brains and is perfectly fine for us to consume. Oh yeah, I forgot one thing, although it is not proven yet, aspartame is being considered as a possible cause of many types of cancer.

How do I know this stuff? I used to be addicted to a particular diet soda, which I won’t name. I had to have at least four or five a day, everyday, if I did not have it I was depressed and very tired.

The problem got worse and worse. Finally I kicked the habit and did my research to find out why diet soda was so addicting. The results are stated above. Now I mostly drink only purified water. Boy do I feel better.

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