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Mathematics is and has always been a dreaded subject for children. But there is more fun to math than learning the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, or of memorizing the multiplication tables and the algorithms of algebra. Kids should see Math as something practical, helpful, exciting, fun, easy and even wonderful. The more we expose our kids to the good and fun side of Math the easier it would be for them to develop a feel and love for numbers and make math easier and more worthwhile for them.

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How Can Math Be Both Fun and Easy?

When you create activities for your kids to do at home you do not just create these activities to keep them focused on something. You create these activities to teach them new concepts and to make them learn at the same time keeping them busy. With Math, there is no need to make things harder for your kids because it is easy to incorporate Math into their daily life. What you need is to devise ways to make the learning fun and easy. This too can be done in the simplest ways possible. Just asking your child to do an errand for you and asking him to count the change is an easy way of teaching him Math. The counting of the change involves number recognition while making sure the change is correct involves the basics of subtraction. This will also show to your child that computing is easy and not something to be afraid of Cours particuliers Maths.

You, as a parent, can always be a part of the fun and exciting experience with your child/children. You can be a part of the exploration, solving and finding that your child needs to do by looking into their needs and the tools that you can use in teaching them Math with fun and ease.

Math can be fun and easy if you use everyday objects and situations in teaching your kids the basics. Like you can use objects around the house to teach them to count like eggs in the refrigerator, cookies in the jar or pairs of socks in the drawer. You can teach them one-to-one correspondence by letting them put the eggs in a 12 piece tray, putting socks into pairs or pairing spoons with forks. You can even teach them how to solve problems by asking them to share food or things and by sharing they learn how to divide food or things among themselves. Take a look at all the activities we enumerated above – there is no pressure or strain on your child/children to learn all these. Yet all these activities are Math lessons that your child/children should learn at home and at school. Aren’t these fun and easy ways for your child/children to learn Math?

How Do Kids Learn and Enjoy Math

With kids, learning new things is always fun, exciting, stimulating and energizing. It is more enjoyable to them when they are given responsibilities and get to do adult work. They feel good and they do not feel the pressure of written exercises and drills. When they get to do things and find solutions to problems you throw their way they feel proud of their accomplishments. In all of these they are not even aware that they are learning and starting to enjoy Math. These Math home concepts they encounter in their daily lives will make their school learning easy and simple.

Kids learn and enjoy through fun activities like games, catchy tunes and diminutive adult activities. Activities that you can share with your child/children and which you will both enjoy should not make them feel like school learning but will expose them to various Math concepts which will later help them excel in school and in life. So the key word in making kids learn and enjoy Math is FUN!

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