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Psychic Science Versus Spiritualism

Many psychics claim to use psychic science to contact the spirit world. They say that they are using “clear tuned” antennae or “clear hearing” and “clear eyes” to detect spiritual messages, see images, learn about events from past-triggered events, predict events in the future using numerology, or have had an out of body experience (OBE). They assert that they use “clear energy” to “receive” the message from the spirit world and that they can then pass on these messages and images to others. They further say that by using their “clear eyes”, “clear ears” and “clear mind”, they are able to give their clients a cosmic message.

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Although there is a grain of truth to each of these explanations, psychic science has its own shortcomings. Psychic readers cannot heal physically; they are not able to sense the future or understand cosmic law. They often incorrectly predict events. They generally rely on mysticism to interpret their observed facts, rather than Occam’s Razor. Lastly, some psychics can summon people to work with them in an effort to contact the dead, but it is unclear as to whether these activities are ethical kham pha khoa hoc.

Spiritualism. This school of thought believes in the existence of a deity or divine force at work in the world, and that these forces are manifesting themselves in psychic phenomenon. While some scientists and atheist sympathizers view spiritualism as nothing more than a religion, a small percentage of spiritualists embrace psychic powers as a fact of life.

It was the followers of Carl Jung who first described the workings of psychic phenomena. He argued that psychic phenomena took place because our minds were constructed according to unconscious mental laws. According to this view, our minds contain such built-in laws that are innate to our spiritual nature. Some of these laws include the laws of human memory and the laws of basic physics. The implication is that psychic phenomena can be explained on some logical level.

Psychics are just as likely to dabble in spiritualism. Many psychics and mediums tap into psychic powers in order to perform readings for people. However, not everyone practicing as a psychic medium believes in psychic powers. Some mediums work simply as psychics and communicate what they see and hear to clients. On the other hand, other mediums claim to possess psychic powers and pass on their information to clients. They then employ techniques such as meditation to increase their ability to perceive and relay psychic information.

Spiritualism and psychics do not conflict. The concepts of spiritualism and science may overlap to a certain extent. Nevertheless, there is a difference between the two. Spiritualism relies on mysticism as its foundation, while science regards psychic powers as fact.

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