Pet Urine Odors – What Your Options Are To Remove Them

All of the following methods are also based on how much urine is present. A little cat urine can smell up a whole house. It is important to first locate the area to also help the customer know the extent of the problem and where to apply the odor neutralizer. An odor neutralizer does what the name implies. It neutralizes any odor causing material it comes in contact. Deodorizers only mask the problem until they wear off and in this case are a waste of money.

The first method is what I call the Get By Method This is a temporary Band-Aid approach to the problem but may be a good option in some cases.. If you still have the animal, the problem will most likely re-occur. In the mean time you want to do something to make the odor more manageable and less offensive. In this case the carpet should have a topical spray application of a highly concentrated odor neutralizer over the affected area and be allowed to sit on the carpet and let it get as deeply into the carpet as possible. The carpet should then be properly professionally steam cleaned to remove as much of the contaminating liquid as possible. After the cleaning is performed, a light coat of the less concentrated odor neutralizer should be applied on the surface. This will help the problem but not completely remove the odor. This method cannot reach the deeper source of the odor. The urine has gotten down into the padding and onto the sub-floor. This is really as far as you can go under the current circumstances.

The next steps should only be taken after the offending animal is no longer in the home for whatever reason. I am an animal lover and don’t say you should get rid of your pet and friend. The next steps are more costly and make no sense to perform if it will only happen again. Some people, even knowing this, insist on going further to remove the problem and hope it will not happen again. This is a personal choice Pet Waste Service Michigan.

If the urine is in a small isolated area this next method can be highly effective in removing the urine odor. Mixing the odor neutralizer to the correct proportion for each method is important. In this case we hook up a special attachment to the vacuum part of our steam cleaning equipment. It is a small tool, about 12 inches square with many vacuum holes to remove most of the liquid. Pour the solution onto the area quite heavily, being sure that none runs through the floor and onto the ceiling under you. That would not be good. Let it dwell on the area for about 5 or 10 minutes. Next follow up with this tool and removing as much neutralized urine and chemical as possible. Finally, thoroughly steam clean the area and apply a dilute spray of the odor neutralizer to the surface. In most cases the odor will be removed

Now we get to the most widespread and severe urine contamination case. If the urine damage is too extensive, you will have to remove the carpet, pad, and probably tackless strip along the wall. This is when due to the severity of the damage is beyond restoration. When the carpet, pad and tackless strips are removed they are put in heavy plastic bags for disposal. With the carpet and pad removed, you can see how badly the floor is damaged. The contaminated areas are then treated with a special sealer to prevent the odor from traveling into your new carpet or laminate floor making it smell like the old. The only time the sub-floor doesn’t have to be sealed is if there is going to be a true hardwood floor installed. This is because as a final step before the hardwood floor is completed, it is treated with multiple coats of polyurethane. This step seals any odor from the sub-floor from surfacing. If carpet and pad are to be installed the sub-floor MUST be sealed to prevent any odor from surfacing. Putting another sub-floor over the urine soaked one will NOT stop the odor penetration. At the completion of this step the odor will positively be gone if all the proper steps I mentioned are done.

Every method has its uses. The customer has to be properly guided by the certified odor removal technician as which one will be best for them. Then let the consumer decide.

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