Metal Roofing Lasts a Long Time

Metal roofing can outlast most other materials on the market today. While a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts approximately twenty years, those made with durable metallic products can last fifty years or more. These metals can outlive the inhabitants who are living in the house. Not only does this material have amazing longevity, it is also attractive and functional. Heavy snows do not sit up on top of a home as with asphalt shingles, wooden shakes or clay tile. Metallic surfaces allow snow and ice to slide right off onto the ground. A homeowner will not have to worry about roof collapse or heading up there in a blizzard to shovel the snowdrifts off their shingles. In hot weather, these structures keep the home cooler. Much metal roofing is made from recycled products that allow homeowners to qualify for tax credits from the government. This is good news for the planet as well as for a consumer’s wallet. Here are some options to think about:

Long Lasting Metal Porch Roof — Mile Sto Style Decorations

– Metals and styles:

o Steel is extremely durable and rated as “cool” in terms of temperature. Steel is energy efficient and reflect the sun away. It is surprisingly lightweight and fire resistant mái tôn khung sắt.

o Aluminum: This style offers interlocking modular tiles and is proficient in alleviating ice and snow buildup. This product often comes with a lifetime warranty.

o Zinc: Zinc is an environmentally safe product and used extensively in Europe. It is even safe for rainwater collection. Zinc is beautiful and makes a memorable impact in design. It costs a bit more but it can be worth it.

o Copper: Copper lasts a very long time and actually improves with age. It requires a bit of cleaning but other than that it is quite maintenance free. Oxidizing into alternate color shades can make it unique and gorgeous. A DIY homeowner can clean his or her own copper surface by making a solution of salt and lemon juice. Sprinkling on salt, dabbing with lemon juice and a cloth and there you have it – a beautiful coppery shine. Another homemade cleaning solution includes ketchup and vinegar.

o Colors: Metallic roofs come in a variety of colors to fit every exterior design scheme. Some examples
include silver, gray, copper, brown, red or cedar.

– Installation: The installation of metal roofing requires a skilled roofer. In addition to the surface, there is matching flashing to further protect the structure from leaks. Flashing is typically installed around chimneys, skylights, ledges and complicated styles with multiple edges and connections. Leaking will be prevented with appropriate flashing and installation.

Metal roofing can be beautiful and durable for many decades to come. It’s important to have a savvy installer and to pick a style and product to fit the budget and design. Whether a homeowner prefers steel, aluminum, zinc or copper, these products offer a unique appearance, are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, good for snowy weather or heat and are fire resistant. Because many of these are made from recycled products, the costs can be offset by government tax credits.

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