World Economy Plunging Into a Devastating Crisis

Today the entire world is in the grips of a devastating economic crisis which has resulted in an effectively destructive economic downturn. Global inflation, bankruptcy of reputed banks due to credit crisis, unemployment and various other results have posed numerous unsolved questions in front of the financial authorities worldwide.

Money market news and various other finance news channels have been flooded with immense response from the anxious as well as curious investors regarding safety of their funds or how to save their money. As various other currencies have seen a huge slip downwards, it is very clear that US Govt. bonds can be considered to be the safest bet. As risk factor seems to rule the minds of the furious investors, share brokers and financial advisers, they are eager to know if fund investing in India will see a doomed or brighter fate. According to India money market news and Finance News India, though the risk in money market funds is huge yet it is worth taken because if anyhow the emerging money markets go into default, the results will be rather devastating and disappointing as well.

It is a well known fact that whenever the developing country’s currency falls down badly, it impedes the status of the developed economies as well. The reason is simple and as the economists believe if the developing nations wouldn’t be capable to pay back the loans the loss is entirely pushed on to the shoulders of the western banks. Thus economic crisis in any way affects the whole world as it is a financial vicious circle which goes on and on read more, till a solution is known.

As the stock exchange reviews reveal, many funds dropped down stocks in the month of September this year as the investors played dumb and left other funds to plunge in the lost financial situation. Stock exchange experts believe that worse is yet to come and hundreds or thousands of funds could be driven out of business in this thrift situation.

The unpredictable share market which reaches zenith heights in no time can be crestfallen as well and as it is revealed by the money market news, about $180 billion have been lost during the last three fateful months. It is feared that the Great Depression might be duplicated this year looking at the current situation as the currency exchange rates fluctuate and instead of rising are depleting in their value. As depicted by the currency exchange news, the current scenario of economic downturn can be covered up only if the regular business flows and normal lending for businesses and consumers follows back. The stock news India further lightened the fact that as the value of shares rushes downwards, it is not only going to affect personal finance investing but will also show up a downfall in the international economies.

Today rescuing the banks is not the only solution but is a simple start as the non financial economy demands help as well. As the currency exchange rates have shown a downward movement it is only dollar and yen which have soared up immensely as well as the Indian rupee, and other European currencies have fallen flat on face.

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