What Are You Doing to Look After Your Skin This Winter?

Your winter skin care regime should be a main concern, in terms of beauty and health, during the cold season. While we cover our body, to protect it from the wind and low temperatures, our face and hands often remain uncovered, and the skin gets damaged and rough. This happens every year, and in time, we get to see the unfortunate effects.

While people are becoming more and more aware of sunscreens and how they should protect their skin during the summer, not many people are aware that winter is also a tough season and can have a major negative impact on the way their skin looks like and feels. Often, we are misguided by the belief that only people with sensitive or dry skin must take specific measures during winter; this is not at all true. All skin types are prone to damage during the cold weather.

We often look at creams and lotions the same way we look at makeup and think it is a matter of esthetics whether to use them or not. Some people may feel great about their skin and believe they don’t need to bother looking after it. Natural beauty does not replace care. If our skin is OK now, this does not mean it will stay like this forever. Eventually, it will catch up with us.

It is time to learn more about skin care and understand why we need protection during the cold season.

Winter Skin Care – What Damage Winter Does to Our Skin

As winter is approaching, we are starting to feel more tired. The summer glow has gone and now we must face the cold wind. We experience different feelings towards the way we look, and SkinCell PRO especially regarding the way our skin looks. In cold weather, the skin has the tendency of becoming dry and dull.

We experience different sensations every time the weather changes. For instance, when outside is freezing, but the wind has not made its appearance, the skin pores are considerably shrunk and this leads to heat accumulating inside the skin. If winter skin care measures are not taken, the balance disappears, and the skin can suffer an outbreak of acne, redness and rashes. Even if we have not had sensitive skin in the past, we get to experience increased sensitivity and uncomfortable feelings during the cold season. Also, those who live in a cold and moist environment get oily and loaded skin.

How we can prevent winter skin damage – Things We Must Do and Things We Must Avoid

Well, we mentioned sunscreen earlier. Even if summer is long gone, we should still use sunscreen because the UVA and UVB harmful rays are still getting to our skin even in winter, and you already know the effect: aging the skin. So, we can either still use our sunscreens or use a moisturizer or foundation that deals with these harmful rays. Always check out if the products you buy offer sun-protection, no matter the season.

Moisturizer’s are a great winter skin care solutions. We should use them twice a day to prevent our skins from dehydrating. If you already have a dry skin type, you should use a very thick and intense moisturizer. Search for the ones containing petroleum or glycerin. If your skin is oily, you should use something lighter, in order not to charge your skin. Things to avoid

There are also some things we should avoid during winter. Our winter skin care program should not include scrubbing, because, in the winter, the skin is more sensitive and it can very easily get damaged. Instead, gentle cleansers are the perfect solution for cleaning our face.

Another thing our skin care program must NOT include is hot showers. Even if a hot shower might feel lovely and warm, it will dehydrate the skin and this is bad, especially in winter. So, reduce the heat and steams a little bit.

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