Should I Buy a House or Condo to Start?

Having a space to call home is a delight to many people. To many, it is the realization of an ultimate dream. Yet, when time comes to choose the perfect fit of a home – one might get torn to several choices such as a house or a condo unit. If you’re in this same situation, what should you buy?

Following are the advantages you can get if your choice is a single family home.

A house offers better privacy than condo units

When it comes to privacy, a single family home is still a better choice than condo units. Why? Because condo units still share common space of movement or human traffic. Although walls are built sound proof, there won’t be better substitute than the own walls and yard offered by a single family home.

Freedom to impose designs and other improvements

Because you’re the sole owner of the house, you are entitled to freely exercise decisions on designs and improvements. You can choose the paint color to cover the walls. You can choose which plants to grown on your garden. You can decide whether como comprar seguidores stones, colored cement, or marble to cover the pavement. You are the master of creating the aesthetics and improving the functionality of your house.

It is more ideal for expansion

Whether you are expanding for functional purposes such as adding a man cave or a kid’s playroom or you’re adding an extra bedroom because you’re expecting a new family member – these reasons are more economically implemented with a single family home unit. Expansions in a condo unit can be generally implemented through the purchase of adjacent units to the existing spaces.

But what if your choice is inclined with condo spaces, what advantages can you get? Here are some of them.

Free use of amenities which due to practicality cannot be afforded at current time

Sometimes, there are functions that cannot be afforded at once in single family homes. But they can be commonly enjoyed in shared communities such as in condominiums. Today, condo developers usually give residents free use of fitness gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, and function rooms.

Scheduled maintenance

Maintaining a condo unit isn’t that hard at all because of the scheduled maintenance tasks carried out on regular intervals. They usually include but not limited to cleaning services. Also, residents can tap on-call the in-house services of other maintenance and cleaners employed by the condo developer.

Single units may cost cheaper than comparable single family homes

It is surprisingly factual that general costs of condo units are now cheaper than comparable single family homes. But of course, you have to consider the floor area and the state you are in.

Are you to start your own life and show independence? It’s your choice whether it’s a single family home or a condo unit you’ll want. Regardless of your choice, always remember your local real estate agent is ready to help.

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